The all-time Dirty Thirty

February 4, 2014 6 Comments

Dirty-30-2013Admittedly, one of the great joys I have during the local dirt-track racing season is putting together the weekly “Dirty Thirty” rankings of local drivers. Every so often, we update what we call the “All-Time Dirty Thirty.” Today is one of those times.

This should foster some mid-winter conversations. Feel free to send me your thoughts.


Mark Burgtorf

Mark Burgtorf

1. Mark Burgtorf: We all know his late model accomplishments by heart. Those 14 track championships are a mark that will probably never be broken in any of our lifetimes. He set the bar so high no one will ever challenge his position on the late-model throne.

2. Hank DeLonjay: When modified drivers at 8000 Broadway are discussed, all conversations must start with The Crank. Of his 13 overall track championships (second only to Burgtorf), 10 came in a modified. His three titles in the old sportsman class make him the only driver in track history to win two or more titles in two separate classes. DeLonjay won championships in three different decades. His titles spanned 24 years.

Steve Fraise

Steve Fraise

3. Steve Fraise: He was the first “face” of the Bullring, winning nine late model titles in the pre-Burgtorf era that not only established his own legacy, but put Quincy on the racing map.

4. Terry Gallaher: Along with his four track titles, at one time the popular Gallaher also had 21 consecutive top-five finishes to his credit. That remains a track record.

5. Lonnie Bailey: He won championships in the both late model and sportsman divisions in a career that spanned parts of four different decades. Rarely was he in the late model title hunt, as his all-time No. 4 ranking in that class illustrates. He was especially impressive during the IMCA era (1998-2011) at the track, winning two late model crowns and finishing second five other seasons.

This was Denny woodworth in 2010, the year he won his first late model track title. .

This was Denny Woodworth in 2010, the year he won his first late model track title.

6. Steven DeLonjay: Yeah, he just turned 22, but he already has five track championships and has won three straight UMP modified titles. He is the only active driver who could someday unseat Burgtorf from the No. 1 ranking.

7. Sam Burgtorf: One of the Bullring’s all-time underrated drivers, Sam won his three titles in three-peat fashion (1998-2000). Only Hank DeLonjay, who secured four in a row (2002-05), won more consecutive titles in the mods. Sam and Steven DeLonjay are the only other mod drivers to win a three in a row. Sam retired at the height of his career to spend more time with his family. He should be a Hall of Famer some day — soon.

8. Denny Woodworth: The late model lawyer is one of only a handful of drivers to win championships in two divisions — and Denny’s “A” mod and first late model titles came 17 years apart. That’s one of the track’s all-time great accomplishments.

Tony Dunker

Tony Dunker

9. Michael Long: There will always be a conversation about how many modified track titles Michael could have won if he had pledged himself solely to Quincy on Sunday nights. He has two to his credit right now, but could have arguably won at least four more. He has also shown the past two years he’s hardly a one-trick pony. Michael is in the process of mastering the late models, too.

10. Tony Dunker: If The Villain can make it three straight sport mod championships in 2014 that will give him five track titles. Only five other drivers in track history can claim that many. What is arguably the most interesting item about Dunker’s career is he’s gotten better as he’s gotten older.

11. Steve Carlin
12. Eddie Dieker
13. Dick Crane
14. Dave Wietholder
15. Sonny Findling
16. Jason Frankel
17. Brent Slocum
18. Justin Reed
19. Lonnie Carter
20. Jason Perry

21. Vance Wilson
22. Gary Dreyer
23. Terry Houston
24. Abe Huls
26. Mike Karhoff
27. Jim Swank
28. Greg Uppinghouse
29. Bill Genenbacher
30. Bob Dale

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  1. Charlie Bryson says:

    Steve, some that are not thought about except by the “old” racing fans were in the Sportsman class. Mike Inman and Charlie Milligan are a couple of fine examples that never get the recognition they deserved. They were there every week, I don’t think either ever got a track championship but both were in the top 5 every year they raced.

  2. Dave Moore says:

    Stevie, Stevie, How could you leave Terry Schlipman off of this list. It just goes to show people that you are not Mr. Know it all. He should be in the top five at least.

  3. Dave Moore says:

    Stevie, I though of 2 more guys that should have been in your Dirty 30. Sonny Smyser (ask Hank) and Gary Wilson.

  4. Qcy Godfather says:

    Charlie Milligan won a track championship but never won a race all year. Stevie can only see 1st place.

  5. Zero says:

    Larry Pipes #63, Dalton Walker #00, Wild Man Kelly #38, Johnny Swain #15, Tom Utley #18U, Mike Wallace #6, Dale Fischlein #22, Roger Dolon #50, Kenny Walton #02, Harley Harrelson #35, Kevin Paul #31, Darin Walker #6, Mark Van winkle #24, Tom Hearst #38, Dan Dickey #40, Jack Evans #00, Dick Schlitz #97, Rollie Frank #37,

    Stevie add those drivers to your list. Most of those drivers raced at quincy weekly or biggest part of seasons of their careers. Johnny Swain drove sportmans class and was a driver that raced hard and never really got the respected like he should have. Kenny Walton raced quincy every week it seemed like and won several races in the Late Models never recognized. Tom Utley raced quincy every week for a few years and was very fast on weekly basis. He never really got recognized for what he did and always had a great looking car. Dan Dickey raced quincy every week also and was fast and competitive every time and probably didn’t get recognition he deserved. Mark Van winkle won a A modified title. Look at Mike Wallace wins at qr. He won a lot of races at quincy in the Late Models and I think he won track championship if I’m not mistaken. He always out classed the field no one could even close to beating him. The driver Harley Harrelson in the Late models was for sure a driver that didn’t real get the respect he deserved. He probably didn’t win a title, but he was in top 5 or 10 every season and raced Qr for many years. Mike Inman #1 was also a driver in Late models that left us to earlier in his career due to auto accident and was racer at Quincy for many years. I could probably keep going on and on, but got work to do.

  6. Zero says:

    Stevie also add Mike Hoover #99 late models to that list. Lowe Short #19 A Modified and won track championship.

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