DeLonjay, Dunker can ‘mod’-ify their resumes

March 26, 2014 3 Comments
Steven DeLonjay

Steven DeLonjay

If Steven DeLonjay can drive to another UMP modified track title this season that will make four in a row.

Only one other driver in track history has won four consecutive modified championships. Any guesses?

Yep, that would be “Hank the Crank” DeLonjay, Steven’s dad. The Crank has been Steven’s crew chief since the youngest DeLonjay began racing hornets in 2006.

There could be a case made in the youngest DeLonjay’s favor that he is the steadiest driver in any of the five weekly racing series. He runs the same line every race, every week. You can probably count on one hand the number of laps No. 35 ran up high last summer.

Brandon Brown, right, talks with Tony Dunker.

Brandon Brown, right, talks with Tony Dunker.

The DeLonjay way is the shortest way around the track, and that means owning the corners. Sometimes that also means ruffling some feathers — or quarterpanels, and sometimes that can mean paybacks. But the DeLonjays also realized a long time ago that’s part of the game.

The DeLonjays have this racing thing figured out to a tee. It’s not rocket science out there, unless you’re chatting with Brandon Brown from Team Dunker in the sport mods — then it actually is rocket science. If you want a fascinating conversation about racing, just spend five minutes with Brown. To be honest, I rarely understand anything he says, I just love to hear him explain stuff.

Speaking of the Dunker compound, if The Villain can secure another sport mod title that will be three in a row and we’ll be talking about him in this space a year from now. Dunker, who is building a Hall of Fame career, is now one of just two drivers to win two or more consecutive modified titles twice. Any guesses on the other?

Yep, that would be “Hank the Crank,” too.

Hank DeLonjay, 4 (2002-05, all “A” modified)
Steven DeLonjay, 3 (2011-13, UMP modified) active streak
Sam Burgtorf, 3 (1998-2000, all “A” modified)

Drivers with 2 consecutive modified track championships
Tony Dunker (2012-13, sport mods) active streak
Tony Dunker (2003-04, “B” modified)
Michael Long (2007-08, one-class modified)
Lonnie Carter (1995-96, “B” modified)
Hank DeLonjay (1994-95, “A” modified)

Mark Burgtorf, 14 (all late model)
Hank DeLonjay, 13 (10 “A” modified, 3 sportsman)
Steve Fraise, 9 (all late model)
Steven DeLonjay, 5 (3 UMP modified, 2 hornet)
Steve Carlin, 5 (3 hobby stock, 2 bomber)
Active drivers with 4
Tony Dunker (2 “B” modified, 2 sport mod)

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  1. 35 hater#1 says:

    bla bla bla anybody else race at quincy.

  2. 35modfanforlife says:

    well if u don’t like it don’t read it. Just like when jimmy Johnson was going for 6 in a row and that’s all they talked about. you people gotta give STEVO the props he deserves the kid is good and knows how to run the same lines week after week. and when you have a crew chief that has won so many races and track champs as he has the driver tends to listen to him and learn. I think all u haters need to go pitside and watch the father/son combo talk after a heat race or even after a feature they learn from each other. I will always be a 35 fan and cant wait for this great year to start hope all of u haters come out and watch and enjoy.

  3. sameolesameole says:

    Man, did 35 hater hit it on the nose, gold medal time for him or her.

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