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March 2, 2014 2 Comments

Olympic MedalsThis week’s list of medal winners is dedicated to Skipp Dunker, who was the subject of all three rants:

Gold medal: Alex Baker

“I may have sucked a lot in 2013, but in September I did a lot better. where were you in that heat race champ night? playin around in the back watching the young gun show you the way up front.”

Silver medal: bullringfan

“Sure he can beat Becerra, if Becerra stays home half of the season.”

Bronze medal: Alex Baker

I’ve gotta pretty mean car and some wicked skills comin up …. stay tuned.

–the very slow, yet determined 27

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  1. SKIPP says:


  2. Alex Baker says:

    heck, two medals?

    what do I get for waxin skipp opening night?

    -skipps best friend 😉

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