Burgtorf and Gallaher streaks unapproachable?

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2014QRLogoJoe DiMaggio’s 56-game hitting streak in Major League Baseball is felt to be one modern-day record that will never be broken.

At Quincy Raceways, I think there might be two streaks that will never again be approached. One is Mark Burgtorf’s 10 straight late-model track titles (1992-2001), which in this day and age is silly to even think about. It’s now an entirely different era where more big-money races are now available for the top drivers to pursue, even if it means giving up a chance to win a track championship. Costs are also more prohibitive. Drivers with shallow pockets are often forced to sit out if a major mechanical issue arises.

In case you were wondering, the second-longest streak of consecutive track titles belongs to another late model driver, Steve Fraise, who won six in a row (1979-1984).

Terry Gallaher, shown after a 1983 feature win at Quincy Raceways.

Terry Gallaher, shown after a 1983 feature win at Quincy Raceways.

The other streak is Terry Gallaher’s 21 consecutive years of finishing in the top five in points, an incredible run of consistency that ended in 2001 when the New London, Mo., racer finished seventh in points.

To put Gallaher’s 21 straight years in the proper perspective, UMP modified driver Steven DeLonjay has the longest current streak at six consecutive years. For DeLonjay to even equal Gallaher’s run would mean he needs 15 more years in the top five. He would equal the record in 2028. DeLonjay would be 37 years old.

Yep, I think that record is safe, too.


Steven DeLonjay, UMP modifieds, 6
Terry Houston, stock cars, 5
Dave Wietholder, UMP modifeds, 4
Jerry Jansen, stock cars, 4
Shawn Deering, UMP modifieds, 3
Jake Griffin, UMP modifieds, 3
Kim Abbott, sport compacts, 3

Terry Gallaher, late models, 21 (streak ended in 2001)
Steve Fraise, late models, 13
x- Mark Burgtorf, late models, 11
Hank DeLonjay, “A” modifieds, 11
Tony Dunker, “B” modifieds (2000-05), one-class modifieds (2006-08), UMP modifieds (2009), 9
Steve Carlin, bombers-hobby stocks, 9
Eddie Dieker, bombers, 8
Bill Genenbacher, bombers, 7
Sonny Findling, late models, 7
x- Mark Burgtorf, late models, 7
Sam Burgtorf, “A” modifieds, 7

x- separate streaks

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