I miss the old bombers and hobbies

April 30, 2014 1 Comment

2014QRLogoOK, I’ll admit. I miss the hobby stocks, or bombers, or whatever you want to call them.

I miss the old Eddie Dieker-Bill Genenbacher rivalry, and I miss Steve Carlin’s quiet domination en route to five track titles. I also miss the some of those old 30-car features that were little more than magnificent crashfests.

Eddie Dieker

Eddie Dieker

Those were the days, my friend. We thought they’d never end.

We lost the hobbies after the 2012 season when declining car counts eventual forced Quincy Raceways officials to pull the plug. The hobbies, it was reasoned, were a dying breed and the numbers, as they say, don’t lie.

Here is how the the bombers/hobbies declined from their apex in 2000-01 when the weekly car count in that series averaged 31 at 8000 Broadway.

Bill Genenbacher

Bill Genenbacher

2012: 12
2011: 12
2010: 13
2009: 16
2008: 14
2007: 15
2006: 21
2005: 20
2004: 23
2002: 30
2001: 31
2000: 31

Steve Carlin

Steve Carlin

What happened to this division, which for the most part, was pretty darned entertaining most weeks? One of the problems centered around what was supposed to be an entry-level class — like we have now with the sport compacts — somehow morphed into a series that was requiring some semi-bigtime bucks to compete. All for about $125 a week to the winner? Never could figure out that part of the equation.

Adam Birck

Adam Birck

Another problem was the feeder system dried up. As some drivers retired or moved on to another class, the young guys stopped starting their careers in a bomber or hobby stock. Some jumped right into the modifieds, stock cars, late models or whatever. The idea of “moving up the ladder” had all but disappeared.

We’ll never be able to relive that era of the bombers and hobbies, but let’s never forget it.


Drivers receive ranking points on a 15-10-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 scale for their position in the final top 10 points standing each season. Ties broken by number of second-place points finishes, top five points finishes, top 10 points finishes

1. Steve Carlin, 108 points (5 titles)
2. Eddie Dieker, 101 (4 titles)
3. Bill Genenbacher, 74 (2 titles)
4. Bob Uppinghouse, 57 (1 title)
5. Harold Ketchum, 57 (1 title)
6. Junior Tuggle, 56 (1 title)
7. Jim Powell, 46
8. Adam Birck, 37
9. Dale Hatfield, 36
10. Bruce Hatfield, 36

HOBBY STOCK DRIVER RANKINGS SINCE 2007 (when series changed from bombers)

1. Steve Carlin, 63 points (3 titles)
2. Jake Powers, 35 (1 title)
3. Jim Powell, 32
4. Aaron Brocksieck, 22 (1 title)
5. Jeremy Buss, 19
6. Bobby Anders, 18
7. Tanner Klingele, 17
8. Brandon Symmonds, 16
9. Mike Wiley, 16
10. Todd Reichert, 15 (1 title)

Here’s a look back at the hobby stock/bomber track champions:

Hobby Stocks
2012: Jake Powers
2011: Steve Carlin
2010: Steve Carlin
2009: Steve Carlin
2008: Aaron Brocksieck
2007: Todd Reichert

2006: Steve Carlin
2005: Eddie Dieker
2004: Eddie Dieker
2003: Steve Carlin
2002: Eddie Dieker
2001: Dave Wietholder
2000: Bill Genenbacher
1999: Eddie Dieker
1998: Bill Genenbacher
1997: Jim Gillenwater
1996: Jim Gillenwater
1995: Virgil Hatfield
1994: Sam Burgtorf
1993: Bob Uppinghouse
1992: Harold Ketchum
1991: Junior Tuggle
1990: Danny Bevill
1989: Jerry Poor
1988: Mike Parsons
1987: Kenny Williams

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  1. Fordracer06 says:

    That era was a lot of fun. I started in 2000 and it was great to race with Eddie, Billy, Dave, Brent, Steve, and the rest of guys in the class at that time. We could race hard on the track and still be friends in the pits. Those were the days. The crushers have made this type of class very difficult to have anymore. It’s a shame.

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