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April 16, 2014 1 Comment

Every so often it’s fun to look back in Quincy Raceways history to see what we remember, or at least think we remember. This is one of those times. Have fun:

GallaherTerry_1979_JacksonvilleILL1. What longtime Quincy Raceways regular is shown at the right holding a checkered flag in 1979 at Jacksonville (Ill.) Speedway?

2. What was the number of Steve Fraise’s late model during his days of dominance at the Bullring?

3. Who was the track’s first late model champion?

4. When the modifieds went to one division in 2006, who won the track title that year?

5. When Steven DeLonjay won his first two UMP modified track championships in 2011 and 2012, who finished second in the points each season?

virgilanddalehatfield6.  What two drivers tied for the inaugural 2008 stock car title? (The championship was decided by number of features won.)

7. What two members of a famous Quincy Raceways racing family are pictured with trophies at the right?

8. Only three hobby stock drivers won 16 or more total races in a season. Two of them were Steve Carlin and Eddie Dieker. Who is the third?

9. Who was the only driver to win a late model track title between 1992-2003 not named Mark Burgtorf?

10. Who was the track flagman before current waver Chris Miller?


1. Terry Gallaher, 2. No. 45, 3. Larry Pipes, 4. Robbie Reed, 5. Jared Schlipman, 6. Jeff Mueller and Chris Wibbell,  7. Virgil and Dale Hatfield, 8. Jake Powers (2012), 9. Brent Slocum (2002), 10. Steve “The Postman” Blickhan.



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  1. Kenny D says:

    Love the picture to question number 1. Brings back some good memories. A guy named Kenny Dobson was the promoter. And a little guy named Kenny Dobson would have been walking the grandstands selling Speed Sport News.

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