Mod change coming, but not this week

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2014QRLogoAs we reported earlier this week, modified qualifying will be changing at Quincy Raceways.

Just not this week.

The change will result from a combination of drivers’ requests and first-year track manager Ken Dobson’s vision to overhaul the existing process.

Ken Dobson

Ken Dobson

The current format normally winds up with the fastest cars starting at the front of the feature following a format that includes individual qualifying and a “Fast 6” dash for the leading qualifiers.

The same type of format is used for late models, but there is currently no talk of changing that series.


“We aren’t changing the format for this week,” Dobson said. “After speaking to drivers and a handful of fans, we think that a change in the race format is in order and we expect to make that change soon. We are still deciding between two different formats and we don’t want to make that change until we are confident that the change will be the right one and an improvement to the program.

Modified drivers Michael Long (18) and Steven DeLonjay.

Modified drivers Michael Long (18) and Steven DeLonjay.

“One big factor will be the way the track changes throughout the night. We want to watch the track at various stages during a full night or two to make sure that we are giving drivers realistic challenges within our format.

“Until we are confident that the track will lend itself to passing early in the night, we aren’t going to create big burdens on drivers to pass a large number of cars during heat races,” Dobson said.


It is assumed when a final decision about the new qualifying format is made, it will include most of the following, with some additional tweaking. This was an unofficial consensus of ideas Dobson used a few days ago:

1. Qualify
2. Invert the six fastest cars in each heat, sixth fastest on pole. Quick time starts sixth.  Rest of cars at the tail.
3. Winner of each heat (assuming two heats for now) start on the front row of the feature.
4. The cars that finish 2-4 in each heat get their times back.
5. Positions 9-20 lined up by heat finish (these are the cars that finished worse than fourth in their heat).

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