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April 4, 2014 21 Comments

2014QRLogoThe long, racing-less winter will continue one more week.
Quincy Raceways promoter Ken Dobson was forced to pull the plug on Sunday night’s scheduled opener because of the ongoing weather problems that have not allowed sufficient time to get the facility in proper racing roder.
“Due to the rains over the past few days we are canceling our opening night at Quincy Raceways, which was scheduled for Sunday, April 6,” Dobson said early Friday morning. “The grounds are extremely wet and the temperature forecast over the next few days is not going to provide for a lot of opportunity for drying.”

Ken Dobson

Ken Dobson

Opening night is now scheduled for Sunday, April 13.
“Just as important as what conditions will be Sunday is the fact that we can’t get on a good portion of the grounds until Sunday afternoon at the earliest to complete some necessary projects,” Dobson said. “We have had a full crew at the track this week getting the facilities cleaned, fixed and organized to have a great opening night, but we have been and will continue to be limited in what we can accomplish outside of the grandstand area.
rained_out“We are just as starved for racing after this long winter as you are. But cobbling together an opening night with only a few hours of preparation Sunday morning isn’t going to make for a good race track or a good experience for anyone.”
Dobson said another practice session will be scheduled for the coming week. No specific date or time have yet been established.

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  1. KENNY PRATT says:

    Major League Bummer, but clearly understand. Best wishes to KD and his team. April the 13 will be a great opening day.

    So whats to do this weekend? An old friend told me to “get the moonshine out, start telling lies and callin the women”…….

    Kenny Pratt
    in case you forgot it’s

  2. Dirt Wizard says:


    u ever gonna call me Kenny Pratt? Or u still worried my assumptions are all true????

  3. Kenny Pratt says:

    Well there Mr. GEICO lizard.
    We actually worked all winter thinking about finishing last every night but that’s about as dumb a thought as 100 percent of what you have to say on this blog.
    So you just stay tuned there big boy.

    KP SR

  4. Travis grotz says:

    When is practice this week any info yet

  5. Mike Bowen says:

    When is Pratice any word yet.

  6. Dirt Wizard says:

    Hey Kenny Pratt…. Dumb is a lack of knowing your surroundings and a lack of knowledge in general of what your point is. I on the other hand have witnessed you guys racing and will stick with my FACTS…

    I don’t have to call ya…. Phone calls won’t make ya faster on the track.

  7. Kenny Pratt says:

    I’m finished waisting my time on this children’s drama filled blog…..
    it’s been a pleasure. …

    KP SR
    Don’t bother calling, yall know where I stand on sunday night.

  8. Dirt Wizard says:

    Awllll…. Now I feel bad. I didn’t know your team was not only slow but also wears panties… But hey Kenny im sorry. Im not gonna judge ya. On the panties anyways…. I’ll be lurking at qrw watching yall waste money n judging ya the whole way thru though.

    Dirt Wizard
    If you’re gonna call me…. Call me always right.. I’ll accept your apology at end of season and wont even say i told ya so.

  9. fan418 says:

    Wow Dirt Wizard…what a non nice person you are!! I am so sorry that you are such an unhappy person. Must suck to be you!!

  10. Kenny Pratt says:

    Thanks for your support. Dirt Wizard is probably short in stature and has little man syndrome.
    Best of luck to Michael this yr.
    Kenny Pratt

  11. sameolesameole says:

    Maybe he should change his name to Dirt Lizard, it least it would fit, cold blooded. Kenny, don’t pay attention to him with a brain span of a worm, it’s probably the only time he has been in the dirt, eating his own crap like most worms do. Enough said. Dirt Lizard, don’t call me I don’t like talking to people that have crap in their mouth.

  12. SKIPP says:




    867-5309 … IF I DONT ANSWER . JENNY WILL

  13. Dirt Wizard says:

    Blah blah blah….. I promise all of you… Not just Kenny… I won’t say I told ya so. And Dirt Lizard??? Isn’t that a little used up? I’ve heard that one about 20 times. Even with my simple mind I think I could come up with a better or different name. Wizard,lizard, gizzard… In the end I will be sitting back laughing at the end of season.

    Dirt Wizard
    No worries sameole… I don’t need to call ya.. You will see the “magic“ from the Pratt team… Hahahaha

  14. sameolesameole says:

    Ok, the new survey is on. New name for Dirt Wizard that he hasn’t heard. Time to put in your suggestion is now, most votes for the best name wins the honor of “Doin it to the Dirt”.

  15. Crew Chief says:

    Dirt Wizard may I ask what your beef is with Pratt? Do you race or are a grand stand driver? You put him down all the time but have never stated what the problem is…if your a racer and he did something to you on the track please state what he did. Did he do something to your favorite driver?

    Please fill in the gaps for some of us as to what the beef is with you and Pratt since he is the only driver you like to run your mouth about.

    Oh and if you want Kenny to call you leave your number for him to call you or if not everyone knows where he stands on Sunday nights feel free to talk to him.

  16. Kenny Pratt says:

    Crew Chief:

    I’m sure lil KP has done nothing wrong. He clearly understands the cost
    And consequences associated with poor or aggressive driving. This stuff is just too expensive.

    My guess is the wizard is a lonely short person with just two brain cells that hasn’t connected yet.

    430 1061

  17. Dirt Wizard says:

    I don’t have anything against the pratts as people… Seem like good dudes…. Just staying some facts is all. Like I need to explain myself to whoever crewchief and sameole are. U fellas watch what happens… I haven’t bashed any character…. Im bashing the racing backed by facts…

    The Dirt Wizard

  18. fan418 says:

    Hey Dumb Wimp…you must be watching races with your only eye closed. Keith and Kenny are good people. Whats the saying…put up or shut up!!

  19. Dirt Wizard says:

    Fan418….. Did u not even read my post about the pratts being good dudes? Whatever. Im the simple minded one…. If all u people are gonna blow off the pratts why don’t u help them out instead of blogging about how cool all of u are and how much of a jerk I am. I don’t play games… I speak the truth. Im a jerk…. Im a idiot…. But yet all u guys got is pratts are good people… Come on man….

    Selling T shirts next year….
    Dirt Wizard

  20. Crew Chief says:

    You have never stated any facts so please state some facts since you see everything wrong that he does. The things you put on here are “33 grab a beer and save your money”, something stupid about drivers education…these are not facts so again please state some facts! Tells us the dates, was it heat races or feature and what did he do. Can’t have to many facts since he has had 2 blown engines after the 3rd race of each late model season since 2012 and sat out all season till the end of last season when he jumped into a modified so if those are the facts you keep refering to please tells us about the modified facts.

  21. Travis grotz says:

    Fact is Keith your a show filler now lol

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