Why fix what ain’t broken?

April 2, 2014 6 Comments

2014QRLogoThose old enough to remember the late Al McGuire will likely remember the NBC college basketball analyst’s favorite saying.

“Why fix what ain’t broken?” McGuire liked to tell us.

Quincy Raceways’ defending late model track champion, Denny Woodworth, has the same thought process. Woodworth has won two track titles in the past four years and is a perennial contender at the cathedral of commotion. So why change anything?

Denny Woodworth

Denny Woodworth

“We’ll be doing what we always do,” Woodworth said. “It will be same approach.”

That means making a midseason assessment of whether a run for a track championship is possible. If so, it’s hammer down the final three months of the schedule. If not, the No. 45 team might look for an occasional out-of-town opportunity to fill out its season.

“If we’re in the points race, we’ll go for it,” he said.

Woodworth was one of the big proponents of the track switching to UMP Super Late Models prior to the 2012 season, ending a 14-year association with IMCA. He felt UMP sanctioning would bring a new level of excitement to the division. He also felt the UMP qualifying and starting procedures were better suited for more competitive racing.

It appears Woodworth’s feelings about UMP racing were correct. After two years, the switch has seen a regular diet of “travelers” frequent the 8000 Broadway landscape and some of the fastest, tightest racing since the days when Quincy was a NASCAR Weekly Racing Series facility.

Woodworth has enjoyed the third-best overall showing in the brief UMP era at the track. Here’s a look at the top season-ending points finish averages:

1-tie. Jason Perry, 2.5 (2012 track champion)
1-tie. Mark Burgtorf, 2.5
3. Denny Woodworth, 4.0 (2013 track champion)
4. Michael Long, 4.5
5. Justin Reed, 7.5

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  1. bullringfan says:

    Yes,DW can win the track title….if Burgtorf and Perry don’t run the complete season!! 🙂


    Dennis G. Woodworth can hang with anybody. I do hope all the cars and drivers are there week in and week out so you can see for yourself.

    As for Mark*, now that he is on a level playing field I don’t see the former greatness that the “golden boy” once had. See that astric ? it has a meaning.

    Sammie the “Bull” Gravono

  3. Todd Nelson says:

    Denny should also be commended for all he does for other drivers in terms of car/team sponsorships and sponsorship of tracks and race specials (Lee County, 34, and QR if I remember correctly).

    He is a class act on and off the track. Racing needs more people like Denny.

    Good luck to all the drivers back at QCR. One of these days I hope to make it back to the old bullring and possibly get back behind the wheel.

    Todd Nelson (fka #6 sport compact…they were fun to drive but took awhile to get down the staightaway). Go #7B

  4. bullringfan says:

    so,the open motors class is now a “level playing field”? I think not. It’s a “he who has the most money for the biggest motors/best parts,and resources has the better chance at winning field” That being said,late models are my favorite class and I plan on traveling to several of the hell tour and lucas oil series races this summer.
    I wasn’t knocking DW at all. I like all the local late model drivers. This is an opinion forum and I gave mine. yours may vary 🙂

  5. SKIPP says:


  6. sameolesameole says:

    I think the best said thing for the LM is, if you cant run with the big dogs don’t get off the porch, that is what the late model class is all about and I love it. If you don’t belong in that class you are better off running a lower class. I don’t think people understand how much it cost to run and modified. Almost as much horsepower as the late models, they just have to run a steel block motor. Some are running 410, 413, 437’s same as late models.

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