This week’s medal winners

May 1, 2014 0 Comments

top3Gold medal: chuck ancell

“reasons i picked joey for my driver
1- he has a car trailer i do not like a dummy i sold mine to skip
2- he has a shop 1/2 block from my house – wife can still park her car in garage
3- he can drive a race car very well
4- he dates my niece – wife happy about this
5- i am old and fat and have a problem with belly clearance at steering wheel”

Silver medal: Fordracer06

“That era was a lot of fun. I started in 2000 and it was great to race with Eddie, Billy, Dave, Brent, Steve, and the rest of guys in the class at that time. We could race hard on the track and still be friends in the pits. Those were the days. The crushers have made this type of class very difficult to have anymore. It’s a shame.”

Bronze medal: GMF

“Nascar has the orange cone we have the purple barrel and schlippy already told it what he thought.”

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