Burgtorf holds No. 1 third straight week

June 2, 2014 11 Comments

Dirty-30-2013He has yet to reach victory lane, but there has been no more consistent driver in the track’s marquee division that late model hotshoe Mark Burgtorf. That steadiness has been rewarded with a third straight week at No. 1 in The Dirty Thirty rankings.

1. Mark Burgtorf: Mark is one of just four drivers to have finished in the top five all features their respective classes have run. The others are Austen Becerra, Tony Dunker and Pat Dunker. In addition, if Mark somehow finishes second for a fourth straight show next Sunday he will become the third driver this season to pull off that feat. The others are Tony Dunker and Pat Dunker.
2. Denny Woodworth: Denny’s average feature finish is 3.6. Only Burgtorf (2.8) is better.

Bobby Anders

Bobby Anders

3. Steven DeLonjay: Since 2008, Michael Long has led 871 feature laps and Steven 739. Only two other drivers have as many as 200 — Dave Wietholder with 300 and Jared Schlipman with 269.
4. Michael Long: Sunday night marked the 50th time Michael posted the fastest feature lap since that kind of thing started being kepi in 2008 with the advent of the track’s “electronic era.”
5. Bobby Anders: Bobby has not been around that long, but he already has 62 victories at the Bullring, which ties him for 13th in the modern era (since 1999).

Dave Wietholder

Dave Wietholder

6. Joey Gower: Red-hot Joey is trying his best, it seems, to maintain the checkers-or-wreckers theme.
7. Tony Dunker: Tony is winless in six feature starts this year (although he has four runner-up showings). Before this season, he never went longer than two straight weeks in the sport mods without a checkered flag. He has still won more than half of all the sport mod features in their brief history (29 of 48).
8. Ricky Frankel: The top three late model money-winners in points races: Marfk Burgtorf ($2,920), Ricky ($2,900) and Denny Woodworth ($2,775).
9. Dave Wietholder: Dave’s consecutive features started streak is now at  263.
10. Justin Reed: In the four features Justin has run, he has finished no lower than sixth.

11. Austen Becerra: He’s human after all, but even though he did not win another sport compact feature he has still led more main event laps (71) than any driver in any series. Sunday, however, was the first time since Aug. 4 he had not led at least one lap in a feature.
12. Brad Holtmeyer: The King of Spring (Street) has not finished lower than fourth the past five shows.
13. Jason Perry: We missed the Mayor of Payson on Sunday night.
14. Robbie Reed: Five straight top 10’s.
15. Tanner Klingele: Five straight top 5’s.

Pat: No longer the "other" Dunker

Pat: No longer the “other” Dunker

16. Jim Moon: Someone send Moon Man a “We Missed You” card this week.
17. Jamie Wilson: Jamie moved into the top five in late model points.
18. Pat Dunker: Is Tony now the “other” Dunker?
19. Brandon Savage: Brandon was inadvertently omitted from the last two rankings. It was all my fault, I had not entered him in the Dirty Thirty data bank. Sorry about that, No. 47.
20. Nathan Hayes: Meet your stock car leader in feature laps led (34) this season.

Abe Huls

Abe Huls

21. Abe Huls: There’s no question Abe has struggled with that new car, but he’s still only four points out of first place in the stock car standings.
22. Shane Lewis: Most improved driver in the modifieds?
23. Jared Schlipman: The first time Jared leads a modified feature this season will mark his first time at the front of a mod main event since Aug. 19, 2012. He ran late models a year ago.
24. Keith Pratt: After Keith’s first feature win this season, everyone to the South Side in Mendon. He’s buying bacon cheeseburgers.
25. Trevor Hagerbaumer: No. 18 will win a feature before the season is over. Count on it.
26. Dustin Griffin: The Black Car Superstar is getting dialed in.
27. Jim Lynch: Jim suffered his first DNF of the season on Sunday.
28. Russ Coultas: Russ needs a better starting position in the feature. He has taken the greenf lag no higher than 10th all season.
29. Terry Houston: Is it just me, or has Terry’s new No. 97 sustained more damage in a month than his old car did in an entire season?
30. Clint Kirkham: Clint has been the fastest late model qualifier three times in the last 24 trials.

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  1. bullringfan says:

    You can send moonman a missing you card if you like,but you will also need to send a check for a new motor. He said he isn’t coming back to Quincy because he broke 2 motors here.

  2. Cody Hall says:

    How many career wins (feature and heat) does steven delonjay have?

  3. seighinger says:

    I can answer that for you later today. All of my racing stuff is at home, where I do most of the blogging for this in the evenings.

  4. Scott H says:

    Does anyone know what Long broke sunday night?

  5. luvdirtracing says:

    bahaha the 18 (trevor) MIGHT win but ONLY after he crashes every other car out there!!!! he is a dang mess and needs to find another hobby and quit costing all the other drivers tons of money every weekend b/c he can’t quit from spinning out in front of the field all by himself! TAKE THE HINT TREVOR you belong in the stands not in the drivers seat!

  6. Charlie Bryson says:

    luvdirtracing, where in the hell are you coming from????????????? You also need to watch the video’s instead of being blinded by your own ignorance. If Michael broke an axle. Show me where he cost drivers money every week, every pass he made was clean, you don’t see his car tore all to hell every week, enough said, I’ll get off my soapbox, but just for now.

  7. seighinger says:

    Regarding Steven DeLonjay’s career win total at Quincy: He has 115 total victories, including last Sunday night. That figure includes his two years as a hornet driver. Of those 115 wins, 50 have been features.

  8. joe boom says:

    Hey charlie hes talkn bout the sportmod 18 not michael

  9. luvdirtracing says:

    ummm..hey Charlie.. I didn’t put (trevor) on the comment cuz I was talking about Michael ya silly goose!! read the comment correctly before you get on your “soapbox”

  10. Charlie Bryson says:

    Sorry, I should have figured that out on my own. Sorry again

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