Sitting down with Kenny D — Part 1

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QRbuilding2014As the season heads into the home stretch, I thought it might be interesting to see how the CILTRAK Group has viewed its first (of hopefully many) year(s) running Quincy Raceways.

Today we get promoter Ken Dobson’s views on a handful of general items, and then in the second part he will reveal some plans for the rest of the season — some that may surprise you.

Stevie Dirt: Kenny D, give me a general assessment of how you feel thigns have gone so far.

Kenny D: I think we have made progress on our initial goals. When we came into this, I think I was telling most people that the first three things we would focus on was track conditions, driver communication and fan experience.  While none of those three areas are totally complete, we are headed in the right direction in all three.

Stevie Dirt: More specifically?

Ken Dobson, left, talks with Quincy Raceways Hall of Famer Hank DeLonjay.

Ken Dobson, left, talks with Quincy Raceways Hall of Famer Hank DeLonjay.

Kenny D: Over the past two months Tommy (Casson) has prepared an excellent race track the vast majority of nights. We are trying to strike a balance between the drivers preference for dry slick and many of our fans’ preference to not spend the night in a dust bowl.

Nights like last Sunday where there’s a strong wind out of the north makes it a lot easier. Tommy has worked through a lot of different conditions and I think done an outstanding job. There will be nights where something causes him to miss it a little, but overall I hope people feel we have made progress on track conditions.

Stevie Dirt: Anything else in that regard?

Kenny D: Driver communication is hopefully better as well.  I take a lot of calls on most Mondays from guys who have a question or issue from the night before. They have all been honest and respectful conversations. I’m not in the pits as much as I want to be on race nights, but between being at the pit shack, to making a pass through the pits before and after the races hopefully people know they have an opportunity to visit if something is on their mind.

Stevie Dirt: I have heard more positive input from fans this year than in probably the past four or five years combined. Are you happy in with that area of bringing the track back to what it once was?

Kenny D: We are still working on the fan experience end of things but again I think we are heading in the right direction. We have a list a mile long of what we could be doing on the grandstand side of things to make the experience better. Unfortunately, all of them have a price tag next to them, so it’s baby steps for now — but steps in the right direction. We want the fans to have fun. We want the experience to exceed their expectations and do the little things. We want the food to be good and a good value. I think we have made progress on all of the items above.

Stevie Dirt: Thank you, sir. We’ll resume this conversation tomorrow.

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