Sitting down with Kenny D — Part 2

July 30, 2014 3 Comments

2014QRLogoHere’s part two of our sit-down with first-year Quincy Raceways promoter Ken Dobson of the CILTRAK Group.

Stevie Dirt: Kenny, I’ve been hearing that you are considering experimenting with the schedule the last part of the season. Any truth to this?

Kenny D: Heading into the last few months of the season, we are going to experiment with some things. We start competing  with the NFL and school bedtimes before long, and historically crowds have suffered in August and September. We have saved a lot of our bigger group outings for late in the year to help offset that. We plan to make some minor changes to one of the buildings to make it a great way to keep your eye on Sunday Night Football while still getting to watch the races. We also plan to start racing karts on a track we will be building north of the concession area in hopes of getting more use out of the facility and getting more people there on Sundays.

Stevie Dirt: Anything else along that line of thought?

Ken Dobson

Ken Dobson

Kenny D: There’s a chance we might add an extra night or two late in the season to make up for some of these rainouts. The rainouts have been tough. If you take your fixed overhead and divide it by fewer nights, it means you have to do better on the nights you do get to race to make up for it. So we can have a decent night but still basically be using any profit to pay for last week’s rent, mowing, power etc., when we didn’t get to race. We need to use the place more than we have and now that we are starting to have a good feel for Quincy fans I think we can find some different things we can do to open the doors more often.

Stevie Dirt: I can honestly say I think the fans and drivers have appreciated what you guys have done and are planning for the future. How does CILTRAK feel?

Quincy AerialsKenny D: Overall, we’ve been pleased and have enjoyed Quincy very much. The commitment on Sundays an hour from home is a little more than we or our families expected, but everyone is starting to get used to it. We still have a long ways to go to be consistently drawing the cars and crowds we want, but I think we are moving in the right general direction. I guess the ultimate question is whether Quincy Raceways is somewhat better than it was before we took it over and I’m not really the right person to answer that but I hope the answer is “Yes.”

Stevie Dirt: I can only speak for myself, but there is no question the answer to that is … “Yes.”

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  1. Scott H says:

    What all is are you going to run on the kart track? Legend cars maybe,modlites anything like that?

  2. 2ha says:

    I Agree With You Stevie The Place Is Way Better Kenny D And His People Are Race Fans They Care About The Place. Now All They Need To Do Is Put A Wall Around The Out Side Off The Track Iam Willing To Help Do This So Keep That In Mind Kenny You Need Anything To KeepThe Place Going The Way Its Going Let Me No Iam Willing To HelP I’ll Work Cheap For Any Dirt Track. Iam Trent 2177408523

  3. Travis grotz says:

    Go kart track is fine but take care of big track first it needs good dirt real bad to much sand and more banking on the corners way to flat and narrow !

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