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July 11, 2014 2 Comments

QRbuilding2014Here’s a look at what to expect in each of the five weekly racing series at the track Sunday night:

Late models
Pick to click: Mark Burgtorf. Enough of the second-place finishes.
Don’t forget about: Justin Perry, who won last week’s feature and should be a major second-half force.
That’s a fact, Jack: Defending track champ Denny Woodworth has led more feature laps (55) than any other driver in this class.

Pick to click: The series’ big three — Steven DeLonjay, Michael Long and Dave Wietholder — have each one a feature over the past three shows. In the order they won, it would be Wietholder’s turn this week.
Don’t forget about: Shawn Deering. He’s regaining his old form — quickly.
That’s a fact, Jack: No driver in this class has gone unscathed this year when it comes to completing features. DeLonjay has run the most laps (193 of 215), just ahead of Wietholder (191).

Bobby Anders

Bobby Anders

Sport mods
Pick to click: Tony Dunker. Following last week’s win, we may now begin to see the snowball effect.
Don’t forget about: Bobby Anders, whose last checkered flag came May 4.
That’s a fact, Jack: Anders owns the fastest feature lap of the season with a 65.377 mph clocking on June 15. The only other 65 mph-plus laps this season belong to Joey Gower (65.336) on April 30 and Tanner Klingele (65.079) on May 4.

Stock cars
Pick to click: Brandon Savage is due to return to victory lane. A win Sunday night would knot him with Abe Huls for a series-best three checkered flags.
Don’t forget about: Beau Taylor, who has been knocking on the door in recent weeks.
That’s a fact, Jack: Nathan Hayes leads the series in feature laps led with 34, followed by Taylor (30).


Sport mod driver Tony Dunker discusses strategy with late model hotshoe Taco Larsen

Sport mod driver Tony Dunker discusses strategy with late model hotshoe Taco Larsen

Sport compacts
Pick to click: Austen Becerra, the closest thing to a sure bet as there is at 8000 Broadway.
Don’t forget about: Pat Dunker, who may now have the best-looking car in the history of this division.
That’s a fact, Jack: Becerra has a class-best 40 improvement points, which ranks third among all drivers at he Quincy Raceways. Improvement points are the number of spots a driver has improved his starting position in a feature over the course of the season. Only sport modders Tony Dunker (59) and Brad Holtmeyer (41) have more than Becerra.

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  1. showstopper says:

    Who is Justin Perry? You must pay attention to QR as much as the cool kitten pays attention to getting his start and park mod ready for features.

  2. seighinger says:

    come on, showstopper. he races with jason reed.

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