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July 21, 2014 3 Comments

Dirty-30-2013There’s a new name atop The Dirty Thirty rankings. Actually, the new name is an old name — Steven DeLonjay.

First place has been a spot DeLonjay is quite comfortable with in recent years. He won the 2011 and 2012 Dirty Thirty championships.

1. Steven DeLonjay: Steve-O entered the season averaging 6.5 feature victories a year in the UMP modified era (since 2009) at Quincy Raceways. Sunday night’s win gave him four this season, so he’s pretty much right on target.
2. Denny Woodworth: Denny is the only late model driver to win from the pole this season. Only three late model hotshoes have won more than once from the pole in a season in the last five years: Dustin Griffin (4 in 2012), Justin Reed (2 in 2011) — and Woodworth (2 in 2010).
3. Michael Long: The most recent update on the all-time victory battle between Michael and Mark Burgtorf in the track’s modern era (since 1999) looks like this: Long 217, Burgtorf 215.
4. Tony Dunker: Tony reports that he was told by IMCA officials that 67 late model and “A” mod drivers from 2013 have moved to the sport mod division this season.
5. Mark Burgtorf: Mark’s four second-place feature finishes this year give him eight over the last two years and a series-high 20 since 2008. Oh, and in case you forgot, he likes to finish first a lot, too.

Abe Huls

Abe Huls

6. Dave Wietholder: Dave’s consecutive features started streak now at 268.
7. Abe Huls: Not much has been said this season about Abe’s quest for a third track championship. That’s a pretty nifty honor, though, considering just 12 other drivers in track history have accomplished the feat. Huls would be the first stock car driver to join the club.
8. Austen Becerra: And if the Mighty Becerra goes on to win his second track championship he would become the 27th driver to win at least two titles.
9. Tanner Klingele: No. 73 is one of the key reasons the sport mods have arguably been the most exciting class at teh track this season. The feature winner is usually in doubt until the final lap, thanks to the tremendous balance in that division.
10. Ricky Frankel: Ricky’s nine feature laps led on Sunday night pushed his UMP career total at the track to 98. Two more and he will become the fifth driver to hit the 100 mark since 2008, joining Mark Burgtorf (196), Dustin Griffin (138), Brandon Sheppard (122) and Justin Reed (111).

Joey Gower

Joey Gower

11. Bobby Anders: The third sport mod driver in the top 11.
12. Brad Holtmeyer: Make it four in the top 12.
13. Brandon Savage: The sport mods have been the most exciting so far, but the stock cars have not been far behind, thanks in part to Savage — who has finished lower than fourth just once since early May.
14. Joey Gower: Five sport modders in the top 14.
15. Jason Perry: Jason has climbed to a tie for sixth in total late model victories (35) at the track in the modern era. The next drivers ahead of him are Jerry Weisenberger (36)  and Justin Reed (40).

go16. Keith Pratt: Who knew the Kool Kat’s dad was/is a rock star?
17. Shawn Deering: Have you noticed the “old” Shawn Deering has returned? Whatever was wrong must be fixed.
18. Robbie Reed: No spectating allowed, Robbie. We want to see you behind the wheel.
19. Jake Powers: The Snake is another driver who looks primed for a strong second-half surge.
20. Jim Lynch: Jim has fallen six points back of Abe Huls in the stock car title run.

real girls21. Jared Schlipman: Sunday’s third-place showing was Jared’s best since a runner-up finish May 4.
22. Beau Taylor: Add Beau to the list of second-half drivers to watch. He’s had three solid showings in a row.
23. Justin Reed: Justin is currently tied with Terry Houston and Bobby Anders for 13th on the modern era list of total victories at the Bullring. All three have 63. No. 12 is Adam Birck with 65. No. 11 is Vance Wilson at 78.
24. Aaron Brocksieck: Aaron was one of the MIAs on Sunday night.
25. Brandon Lambert: Brandon is now unofficially one point behind third-place Bryce Baker in the sport compact standings.

asphalt26. Shane Lewis: Shane remains a strong seventh in mod points, with a realistic shot of finishing as high as fourth.
27. Robby Warner: First week in the 2014 rankings.
28. Kim Abbott: It looks like Kim might be headed for a third straight second-place finish in the points.
29. Trevor Hagerbaumer: I said earlier this year I thought Trevor would win a feature before the season ended. I still think he will.
30-tie. Nathan Hayes: Since Nathan won the June 1 feature, he has been able to manage just one top five since.
30-tie. Jerry Jansen: Is there a racer who is taller than Jerry? And, please, no one say, “How about Hank DeLonjay?”
30-tie. Bryce Baker: The Bullet won his third heat race of the season Sunday.

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  1. Lon Tournear says:

    WOW Skipp you must have really upset Dirt. You and your hair can’t even make the Dirty 30.

  2. Kenny D says:

    It’s been 48 hours since the checkered flag fell Sunday night. It’s Quincy… surely there’s something to gripe about. Track Conditions? Car Count? Favoritism? Ending Time? Bathrooms? Warm Beer?

    Seriously though, I did want to invite everyone to Jacksonville Friday night. It’s MOWA Sprint Week with a great field of cars including some pretty big names. But none may be bigger some day than Chris Bell. He’s another guy on his way to pavement. Catch him while you can.

    I’m sure we will have a couple of our Quincy Mod drivers racing also. It should be a fun night.

    If not, we’ll see you Sunday with a big payday on the line for both of our Modified classes.

  3. SKIPP says:


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