UMP or IMCA starts?

July 15, 2014 1 Comment

QR40thannivlogonewThe numbers never lie.

If we ever get to race again this season at the Bullring, you might watch where the feature winners from as far as their starting positions are concerned.

I started monitoring this a few years ago, and this season’s results are similar to other years.

It’s no secret UMP-sanctioned classes like to have the fastest cars start up front, which might be fun for the fans to watch as they explode at the beginning of races — but more often than not there’s not a lot of change up front as the races progress.

checkflagsIMCA prefers the invert method, which is designed to force the fastest cars to work their way through the pack. This tends to tear up a lot of cars on some nights.

Which one’s the better answer? I don’t think there is. It’s simply a matter of preference from a fan’s standpoint.

But the following numbers show what to expect. Here are the average starting position for feature winners and other related data you may find interesting:

Late models (UMP): 2.29
Wins from first row: 5, 83.3 percent
Pole: 1
2nd: 4
5th: 1

Modifieds (UMP): 2.11
Wins from first row: 6, 66.7 percent
Pole: 3
2nd: 3
3rd: 2
4th: 1

UMP classes combined wins from first row: 11, 61.1 percent.

Sport mods (IMCA): 4.89
Wins from first row: 2, 22.2 percent
Pole: 0
2nd: 2
4th: 3
5th: 1
6th: 1
7th: 1
10th: 1

Stock cars (IMCA): 3.33
Wins from first row: 5, 55.6 percent
Pole: 2
2nd: 3
4th: 2
6th: 1
8th: 1

Sport compacts (IMCA): 4.89
Wins from first row: 1, 11.1 percent
Pole: 1
4th: 3
6th: 1
7th: 1
8th: 1

IMCA classes combined wins from first row: 8, 26.7 percent.

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  1. jumpin jimmy says:

    I want UMP, IMCA tears up cars a lot. Make them earn their starting spots. Don’t give it to them.

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