‘Voice of Quincy Raceways’ named fair queen

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Lynsey Whitaker

Lynsey Whitaker

(Stevie Dirt note: Lynsey Whitaker is the familiar “voice” of Quincy Raceways on Sunday nights. She interviews drivers and other personalities during the course of the evening, and has even delivered a stirring rendiiton of the national anthem when needed. on Wednesday night, Lynsey was named the 49th Adams County Fair Queen. Here is an account of her victory. Congratulations, Lynsey!)

MENDON, Ill. — For an ever-so-brief moment late Wednesday night, Lynsey Whitaker said she was overcome by what the future might actually hold by the time she took her next deep breath.

Whitaker found herself as one of the two finalists in the 49th Adams County Fair Queen Pageant. She and Ashlyn May stood awaiting the announcement by emcee Matt Schmidt that would let the world know which girl would wear the crown.

“This could be me,” Whitaker said she remembered saying to herself.

Indeed, it was her.

Lynsey Whitaker holds the checkered flag following a feature win by sport mod driver Joey Gower earlier this season.

Lynsey Whitaker holds the checkered flag following a feature win by sport mod driver Joey Gower earlier this season.

When Schmidt told the crowd of about 1,000 that Whitaker would be the new queen the next few minutes became little more than a blur.

“All I could do was thank the Good Lord, my family, my friends, the judges … this has always been a dream of mine,” said Whitaker, 20, who hopes to some day be a motorsports reporter and will be attending the University of North Carolina-Charlotte this fall, majoring in communications.

The title of queen earned Whitaker a $2,000 scholarship.

Whitaker is the second straight Quincy girl to win the title, following Kayla Bunch. The back-to-back queens from Quincy represents only the second time in the last 18 years the same Adams County town produced that kind of royalty. Randi Mixer (2005) and Kari Miller (2006) were back-to-back winners from Camp Point.

Whitaker said she was much more prepared to make a run for queen in her second try.

“I ran when I was 16, but I have matured since then,” Whitaker said. “I come from a strong agricultural background and realize how important that is to this area. I look forward to representing this county.”

Whitaker will next compete Jan. 14-18 in the Miss Illinois Fair Queen Pageant in Springfield.

Whitaker credited 2011 fair queen Erica Mitchell of Paloma for working with and helping prepare her for this year’s pageant. Whitaker said Mitchell was especially helpful getting her ready for the all-important interview with pageant judges.

“She gave me the confidence I needed,” Whitaker said.

The interview is worth 35 percent of a contestant’s score. Speech and stage presence are worth 30 percent, the swimsuit competition 20 percent and evening gown wear 15 percent.

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