In the heat(s) of the night

August 22, 2014 1 Comment

So, does success in heat races translate into track championships?

To a certain degree, yes.

Of the 31 most-recent track champs in the weekly series at Quincy Raceways, the leaders in heat points have also won 16 track titles.

quincy-web-logoFirst of all, heat points are not an official track stat, but I have kept those since 2007, mostly for comparison purposes and general conversation. The top three finishers in each heat race earn points on a 3-2-1 basis.

Track rules have changed numerous times on how success in heat races is rewarded when it comes to starting position in features, so we won’t even get into that. In addition, in parts of recent seasons the dash format has been employed at times for the late models and modifieds, eliminating some of the top cars from heats.

Take all of that into consideration when looking at the season leaders and other information farther down on the page.


Late models: Mark Burgtorf 14, Jason Perry 11, Bobby Pierce, 11, Denny Woodworth 10, Justin Reed 10.
Modifeds: Steven DeLonjay 26, Michael Long 21, Dave Wietholder 17, Keith Pratt 14.
Sport mods: Tanner Klingele, 27, Joey Gower 27, Tony Dunker 24, Bobby Anders 20.
Stock cars: Brandon Savage 22, Jake Powers 18, Abe Huls 17.
Sport compacts: Austen Becerra 26, Brandon Lambert 21, Kim Abbott 20, Bryce Baker 18.

Late models
2013: Denny Woodworth, 14 (Denny Woodworth track champ)
2012: Mark Burgtorf, 32 (Jason Perry)
2011: Lonnie Bailey, Keith Pratt, 28 (Justin Reed)
2010: Denny Woodworth, 21 (Denny Woodworth)
2009: Nick Ingalls, 24 (Lonnie Bailey)
2008: Matt Bailey, 19 (Jason Frankel)
2007: Mark Burgtorf, 33 (Mark Burgtorf)
2013: Keith Pratt, Shawn Deering, 18 (Steven DeLonjay)
2012: Steven DeLonjay, 38 (Steven DeLonjay)
2011: Jared Schlipman, 37 (Steven DeLonjay)
2010: Jared Schlipman, Steven DeLonjay, Justin Reed, 25 (Jared Schlipman)
2009: Tony Dunker, Vance Wilson, 28 (Justin Reed)
2008: Michael Long, 37 (Michael Long)
2007: Michael Long, 42 (Michael Long)
Sport mods
2013: Tony Dunker, 46 (Tony Dunker)
2012: Tony Dunker, 43 (Tony Dunker)
Stock cars
2013: Abe Huls, 39 (Abe Huls)
2012: Michael Larsen, 37 (Terry Houston)
2011: Andrew Griffin, 27 (Aaron Brocksieck)
2010: Andrew Griffin, 23 (Terry Houston)
2009: Terry Houston, Steve Steinkuhler, 21 (Abe Huls)
2008: not kept
Sport compacts
2013: Austen Becerra, 36 (Austen Becerra)
2012: Brandon Lambert, 29 (Seith Woodruff)
2011: Seith Woodruff, 24 (Seith Woodruff)
Hobby stocks (discontinued in 2012)
2012: Jake Powers, 37 (Jake Powers)
2011: Steve Carlin, 35 (Steve Carlin)
2010: Bobby Anders, 24 (Steve Carlin)
2009: Steve Carlin, 26 (Steve Carlin)
2008: Bobby Anders, 30 (Aaron Brocksieck)
2007: Todd Reichert, 32 (Todd Reichert)

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  1. jumpin jimmy says:

    Can’t speak for any class but stockcars, but the heats mean nothing. You have a couple guys, no names of course, that are willing to tear up their cars and yours for a heat win. Not me. They mean nothing, 5 cars start 5 cars invert. Use your heads and just maybe help car count.

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