Racing still ‘on’ for Sunday night, plus potential admission discounts

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quincy-web-logoI just got done talking with Quincy Raceways promoter Ken Dobson. He assures everyone there will be races Sunday night and has announced a potential break in admission price for some. It’s some good information. Enjoy:

“Yes, we are racing at Quincy Raceways Sunday night,” Dobson said. “Yes, it’s supposed to be warm for awhile, but we aren’t going to start closing for heat one week and cold the next. During the summer we race on Sunday nights at Quincy Raceways … and tomorrow is Sunday, so we will be racing.”

Dobson also announced:

— The track will be making provisions to make things more comfortable for the fans.

Ken Dobson

Ken Dobson

“Our air-conditioned office will be open for anyone to come in and cool down for a bit,” Dobson said. “We will try (no promises) to feed a video of the race into the office. There’s not room for a ton of people in there, but hopefully enough room to let people stop in a few minutes and cool down if they are uncomfortable. We have a few other things we are working on as well.”

— For the next two weeks, and possibly longer:

“If you bring someone to the races that hasn’t been there in at least three years, they can get in free and you will get $2 off your admission,” Dobson said. “We will set this out by a separate post later today (check the track website and Facebook page) and have an online signup. But for now to benefit from this promotion, simply send an email to prior to 2 p.m. Sunday, listing your name and the name of your new or returning guest.

“Rosemary, Pat, Lori and the others at our gate know your names and faces by now. We will publish a list of our ‘new’ guests, so no cheating please. We will be monitoring this closely because it can be subject to abuse. We ask that you treat this for what it is meant to be — a reward for you in introducing someone new or getting someone back to Quincy Raceways.”

“We’d like to see 100 new faces Sunday,” Dobson said, Go out today and ask your neighbor or buddy to join you at the races Sunday … for free.

“In the grand scheme of things, it’s not that hot. We’ve just had a mild summer. We have plenty of cold beverages and great racing on tap Sunday. The season is going to be over before you know it and we will be snowed in wishing we were at a race track on a warm summer’s evening. See you Sunday!”

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