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August 1, 2014 2 Comments

JUSTWINimagesAll five series are in action Sunday. Racing begins at 6 p.m. Her’s what to expect:
Late models
Pick to click: Bobby Pierce, who will likely be on hand most Sunday nights down the stretch since he’s battling for UMP national honors. If he’s a no-show, I’m going with Jason Perry.
Don’t forget about: Gordy Gundaker, the son of Kevin Gundaker and a baseball player at Quincy University. He’s supposed to be in the pits the rest of the season. Gordy finished third last Sunday in his Quincy debut.
That’s a fact, Jack: Denny Woodworth is the last late model driver who has not missed a feature lap this season. He’s a perfect 255 for 255.
Pick to click: That new car of Michael Long’s looks like the one to beat among the local hotshoes.
Don’t forget about: Craig Spegal, who has been solid since his return and could be the first local driver not named (Steven) DeLonjay, Long or (Dave) Wietholder to win a feature.
That’s a fact, Jack: Since the modifieds started qualifying in 2012, DeLonjay and Long have each posted the fastest time on 11 occasions.
winners14Sport mods
Pick to click: Tony Dunker. The roll has started.
Don’t forget about: Tanner Klingele. He’ll figure out how to close the deal at some point — and then watch out.
That’s a fact, Jack: The only flag-to-flag victory this season in this series belongs to Aaron Brocksieck on June 29. Brocksieck has only raced once since that victory.
Stock cars
Pick to click: Terry Houston. The second half of the season usually belongs to the Mayor of Mount Sterling.
Don’t forget about: Jerry Jansen. Mr. Bowtie has been getting racier in recent weeks.
That’s a fact, Jack: Jansen’s fourth-place feature showing last Sunday was his best since April 20.
Sport compacts
Pick to click: Austen Becerra. It’s unlikely he will go two straight weeks (again) without a feature victory.
Don’t forget about: But if he does, put your wager on the rejuvenated Kim Abbott.
That’s a fact, Jack: Becerra leads the series with 98 feature laps led. Abbott is second with 24.

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  1. Fordracer06 says:

    OK Mr. Dirt! I’ve been kind of quit this year, but I’m not going to let this one go. Mr Bowtie! Really! Everybody knows bowties are for tuxedos; not for racing! Mr Bowtie!! That’s low!

    Go Ford nation!

  2. Dave Moore says:

    Dirt-Bag I been quite too but that is fightin words. Very very degrading calling our good buddy Jerry Mr. Bowtie. You should address him as Your Excellence Mr. Blue Oval.

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