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quincy-web-logoThe sport mods have Sunday night off, but the other four weekly series — plus the 305 sprints — will be on hand. Racing starts at 6 p.m.

The season’s second Night of Destruction is also on tap, starting at 6 p.m. Monday.

Late models
Pick to click: Make it two in a row for Mark Burgtorf as the points race gets even closer.
Don’t forget about: Gordy Gundaker., who has more than proven himself capable of running up front with the big boys.
That’s a fact, Jack: There have been 11 lead changes in late model feature races this season. That’s the fewest of any of the five weekly series.

Pick to click: Steven DeLonjay. Normally, whenever DeLonjay bows out of a main event he comes back to win the ensuing week. In case you forgot, DeLonjay “broke” last week and had to trailed the No. 35 much earlier than he wanted.
Don’t forget about: Brian Lynn. If he returns Sunday ight he’ll be a defitie player. He’s raced twice in Quincy this season and has won (last week) and finished fifth (Aug. 3).
That’s a fact, Jack: Kenny Wallace’s 71.861 mph qualifying speed last weekend was the fastest of the season and the fastest since the mods began qualifying a couple of years ago.

Stock cars
Pick to click: Brandon Savage. He’s gunning for a fourth straight victory.
Don’t forget about: Jerry Jansen, who may no longer need anew car the way Ole Blue is running.
That’s a fact, Jack: Savage has narrowed Abe Huls’ lead in the money earned department to $2,935-$2,810.

Sport compacts
Pick to click: Do you get the feeling Austen Becerra will hit the track with a vengeance Sunday night?
Don’t forget about: Seith Woodruff. He’s due.
That’s a fact, Jack: The sport compacts had had just three different feature winners, the fewest of any of the five weekly series.

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