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October 14, 2015 2 Comments
Joey Gower

Joey Gower

It’s now officially a Big Three in the sport mods.

Joey Gower’s back-to-back strong showings in his first two years in the series has vaulted him to No. 3 in the division’s all-time rankings behind Tony Dunker and Tanner Klingele. It appears that trio is set up to duel in the dirt for sport mod supremacy in the coming years.

Dunker won the first three championships before Gower ascended to the 2015 throne. Klingele has won everything but a championship, but since he’s only 20 that will undoubtedly come in time.

Tony Dunker

Tony Dunker

Tanner Klingele

Tanner Klingele

There are also a handful of new guns in the class that will only deepen the talent pool and continue to strengthen what is arguably the most entertaining class at the Bullring. Names like Brandon Lennox, Austin Howes and Nathan Bringer are leading the next wave of contenders.

Stay tuned, things will only get better in the sport mods.


Drivers receive ranking points on a 15-10-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 scale for their position in the final top 10 points standing each season. Ties are broken by number of championships, second-place points finishes, top-five points finishes, top-10 points finishes, etc.

top10-dollar-store-items1. Tony Dunker, 53 points (3 titles)
2. Tanner Klingele, 35
3. Joey Gower, 25 (1 title)
4. Brad Holtmeyer, 19
5. Bobby Anders, 17
6. Charles Van Zandt, 13
7. Joe Bliven, 12
8. Adam Birck, 7
9. Jon Lear, 7
10. Brandon Lennox, 6

Other active drivers
Jared Wiemenlt, 6
Austin Howes, 5
Nathan Bringer, 4
Mike Goodwin, 3
Todd Reed 3

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  1. joe boom says:

    U do know 20111 was an official year got the hardware at home to prove it just sayn

  2. seighinger says:

    Joe Boom,

    Yep, I know it. Everything counted from the 2011 season — wins, etc. I just don’t use a four-race “season” for the all-time rankings.

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