Fans vote Burgtorf first DIRT-y Driver award

October 17, 2015 1 Comment
Mark Burgtorf

Mark Burgtorf

After several years of coming close, Mark Burgtorf finally has his first late model DIRT-y Driver of the Year award.

This week’s online fans’ vote propelled Burgtorf to a relatively easy victory over two-time DIRT-y winner Justin Reed. Burgtorf wound up with almost 60 percent of the votes.

Here’s the breakdown:

Mark Burgtorf, 59.1 percent
Justin Reed, 14.8 percent
Others: Jamie Wilson, Denny Woodworth, Keith Pratt, Brian Dively.

This concludes the 2015 DIRT-y Driver of the Year fans voting. Up next week be the Stevie Dirt All-Dirt teams. Sandwiched in and around those honors will be the usual offseason updates.

Late Model DIRT-y Drivers of the Year
2015: Mark Burgtorf
2014: Jason Perry
2013: Ricky Frankel
2012: Dustin Griffin
2011: Justin Reed
2010: Keith Pratt
2009: Justin Reed

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