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August 4, 2013 2 Comments

photo[1]It’s always fun to get home from the run and check out all the Facebook posts from runners and volunteers talking about their experience. So I thought I’d finish out this year’s blog with some of their thoughts. … If I missed you, please share your comments here!

April Donley Sinnock: Fun times after St. Jude race. Amazing experience. Can’t wait till next year.

Jenny Craven Blaesing: $113,000 raised from our Quincy St. Jude Run! What another great year! Thank you again to all of our supporters, we couldn’t have done it without your help.

Doug Seeber: I’m back from St. Jude Run. Unpacking and getting ready to address thank you notes to contributors to the over $750 I raised of the $113,000 the entire Quincy team raised. I managed to run 35 of the 135-mile route over 21 hours with only a couple small blisters. Wondering how I can sign up for 2014?

Sheri Wolfmeyer: Back in Quincy from my 9th St. Jude Q2P Run, a bit sore but happy! I met my running goal of 13.5 miles or 1/10th of the route! More importantly, we raised $113,000!

Emily Kath: is relieved to have had another safe St. Jude Run weekend! $113,000 from team Quincy … 20 miles from my legs … and countless, funny memories with amazing friends.

Greg Mitts: Had an amazing weekend photographing and taking video of the Quincy to Peoria St. Jude Run. 135 miles, almost 24 hours, lots of runners and volunteers, incredible support from people along the route, special thanks to the wonderful people of Astoria, IL for providing breakfast and showers! Quincy presented a check for $113,000 to St. Jude Hospital to support cancer research! Great job runners and the Quincy area for supporting this wonderful cause!

Jim Robesky: Last week, a little boy in my small town rang the Chemo Bell. He had a liver transplant 97 days ago. While I was running the St. Jude Quincy to Peoria Run, he was life flighted back to Children’s Hospital with post chemo fever. The fight for these young lives continues.

Jennie Mulder: Great fun with a great group of people, can’t wait for next year!

Molly Terstegge: On my way home from another great St. Jude Run!!! 113,000 Quincy, we rock. Tired, sore but worth the hard work.

Nancy Waters: The 9th successful year. Thanks to all the runners, volunteers and donors who make it happen!

Ashley Hackmann: We made it! And the best part?! We raised over $113,000!! Thank you to everyone for your prayers, support and donations!!

Leslie Eitel: Squeeze your kids just a little bit harder tonight. Sometimes we forget how blessed we really are! Can’t wait for the St. Jude run next year!

Bob Wathen: I was already on board for next year before we made it (back) to Quincy! It just kept getting better with each mile. Thank you to all the volunteers who worked so hard to make our run safe and fun.

Dan Baird: Well the Quincy St. Jude Run has set the bar high again. $113,000 raised this year! So inspired and proud to be part of an amazing event with some truly amazing people!

Brittany Vermeire: 20 miles for the kids! We made it and 113,000 raised!!!!! Today I’ve been beaten down, bruised, swollen, blistered and exhausted but I  have my health and have shared this experience with a couple amazing gals! Here’s to St. Jude Run 2013! Record raised! Record miles for myself!

Jen Micho: We are on our way home and most of us are walking and moving a little slower than usual, ha! But my friend Brittany Vermeire put it all in perspective on one of our last legs of the run. Someone from behind asked how our knees were doing and she answered, “I’m not a 6 year old with cancer. I’m good.” And that’s what it’s about. Running for those who can’t. THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who donated.

And finally, a comment from Allynn Hull, mom of Addi Knuffman of Liberty, a St. Jude patient, as she was in Peoria waiting to see the Quincy team arrive (grab a tissue): Anxious to see our Quincy St. Jude team and all the teams run into the Peoria Civic Center. Always such a proud moment and emotional. Because of what they do, my little girl is alive. There’s nothing I can say to express how much we appreciate them. God bless them.

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  1. Lori Dowil says:

    So many cool experiences… Let me see if I can compress them into a top ten.
    1. I met some really cool people that I will be friends with forever.
    2. I discovered I am stronger than I ever thought. Running through a tough hill or in the hot sun without stopping, staying up all night to run.
    3. Competitions for best hurdle over roadkill.
    4. Having someone tell to me slow down – I was pacing too fast (me? Too fast???)
    5. Feeling love and support from my friends and family: crying about a facebook post written by your daughter, adoration chapel prayers, family cheering on the side of the road, good wishes on facebook, generous donations, my family not complaining about me being gone – or recovering on Sunday, hugs!
    6. The sign the kid had for us to see as we ran into the convention center – “Cancer free thanks to you.”
    7. Running 3 miles along a blacktop road under the stars in the cool night at 1:00AM. May have to start running more at night.
    8. Running into the convention center at Peoria to cheering crowds!
    9. Running next to a dad who lost his son to leukemia….inspiring.
    10. Knowing you can do it all again next year!

  2. Mary Lynne Richards says:

    It’s always so hard to describe St. Jude’s run, so when newbies take part and realize the magic, it’s gratifying. This year was specially magical because of the people who took part: You know who you are! Thanks to everyone who made this wonderful journey possible. My RV was the best I have to admit, but everyone who runs or drives a chase van or even donates helps the children of St. Jude Hospital, it really is what it’s all about.

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